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Temporary Referential

…is a “print version” of this blog. It is basically some of the texts from the blog patched together in a “magazine” layout.

edition files contains posts
 #1 ref01_ENGLISH / ref01_PORTUG Practical Guide to Invisibility and Compromise and freedom
 #2 Ref02 ENGLISH / ref02_PORTUG Happiness overestimated and Just circumstance and World change wannabe
 #3 ref03_ENGLISH / ref03_PORTUG Off the lizard and Big placebos and Homeosociostasis
 #4 ref04_ENGLISH / ref04_PORTUG Greek prejudice
 #5 ref05_ENGLISH / ref05_PORTUG  (not uploaded yet…)

University (Graduation) Works

Those two texts were presented as conclusion works for my graduation course on Design in the Universidade de Brasília. Although i did not finish the product design graduation, i completed all of the courses. Both the finish papers were presented and defended, in july of 2004.

Celulares e seus Símbolos – finish paper for product design. (In Portuguese)

Ícones para o Sistema GNOME – finish paper for graphic design. (In Portuguese)

Other (mostly OLD) Zines

Those are zines with different purposes, ideas and formats. Each has a different story.

(2001) mará 0.5 – a zine about theory of design. Maybe the only one ever ;-). It was supposed to become the first of a series, but the lack of collaborators stopped it. Basically, it contains my own first stab at establishing one framework for design-thinking. (In Portuguese)

(2003)Cônico 13 – National Design Students Association Newsletter. (In Portuguese)

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  1. Thank you.
    I have just receive today your cards and letter.
    Pierre-Stéphane PROUST

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