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One thing that, i guess, would help to understand me, (assuming anyone is trying to which is kinda arrogant but anyway), is the way i evaluate people. Because, you know, i am kinda good at the whole understanding people thing, which came as quite a surprise to me, when i realized it was the case. And of the various things i can or cannot do, this is one that does not translate easily into words, it is something that is very awkward to explain. So maybe it is not really straightforward, let me try to talk about it a little. Read More »

A lie or foolishness you keep believing in out of sloth or fear.

Grouping of gangs loosely connected mostly seeking to capture funding.

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My blog-friend (can i call her that?) Zenuria asks for male advice in the following case: the guy walks over to her desk at work and says “I just need to go out for a coffee” and walks away. And she wonders whether that meant she should go along. But what pisses me is:

Another (girlfriend) says that I did the right thing in doing nothing – he has to take the risk and ask me to join him.

AAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Why he MUST take the risk, and she is right in not doing so? Why is it “respectable” for a woman not to take risks? And why should the guy be expected to do so? I mean, where does fair negotiation go if we have those strict mindless absurd rules? Read More »

I just now saw a book by the title of “amor em minúscula” (love in lowercase), from a certain Francesc Miralles, and i couldn’t help remembering Daniel‘s argument in defense of “lowercase truth“. Is it too anal to see a pattern there? For what it counts, please get me rid of anything in lowercase!! Read More »