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The recent breed of “Militant Atheism” is (to be clear) a movement clearly distinct from previous atheism(s) displaying very different goals. One of these goals is to free society from the evil of religion, which they try to define as dogma, superstition and anything dealing with supernatural reality.

But also, Militant Atheists try to self-define in a somewhat negative way, in that they propose that their beliefs are a lack of belief. So, OK, “i do believe there is no god” and “i don’t believe in god” can be deceptively similar ideas. But the sly thing is that this way of putting makes it seem like the set of ideas embraced by militant atheist is natural, springing spontaneously from universal human experience.

Of course militant atheism is a product of contemporary culture, and in different contexts it would appear in a very very different light — so it’d be better not to take it at face value. Read More »


The young priest/wizard held the staff high. It was the first ceremony he conducted with it, after inheriting it from the old sage, and he had decorated it with fresh mongoose blood and falcon feathers. Read More »