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In more than one Brazilian tribe of Indians — and I am guessing that very similar patterns can be found in other cultures throughout the world — the Pajé begins his life as the strange one, the person that does not fit, the outcast within his tribe. He then goes out in a spiritual journey through the world, during which he doesn’t belong anywhere, he is completely lost and ultimately alone. In the end, he returns and can, finally, take his position as the tribe’s priest, magician and healer, second in authority only to the Cacique. Maybe Pajé can be accurately translated as shaman.

Now many — but I am really talking a big bunk of people here — many of my friends went to live abroad. And talking to then, i always get that feeling — if they don’t tell me outright — that they did so because they really couldn’t feel to belong here, in Brazil, with their family and friends — and they didn’t feel like playing the roles expected of them.

Now it all feels a bit naïve to me, that most of them will come back and become not only a part of everything that they didn’t believe in, but an important part, an honoured part.

I think living abroad is the contemporary form of the Pajé’s Journey. Read More »


What is the value of memory? The things we experience keep living with us in our memories? Do the things that we live have value and importance even if we can’t remember them? Can we ever forfeit an experience we had — and can we ever remember what was with even a small fraction of the vividness the moment had?

Fearing and desiring both the yeses and the noes to all those questions, i put forward some memories, i try to embody into words the fleeting moments of my big trip of 2009, my journey through south-south america. Read More »

My head hurts. Why shall it be? Mmmm, let’s think… Oh, yeah, it might be that a guy just punched me in the ear! LOL. I know it is not funny, it’s just that… So strange. Ok, i’ll grant that i was “giving soft”, that is, it was stupid of me to be at that place at that time, my mistake. What happened was: i went over to find a decent first meal to break my 3 days fast — what? didn’t i tell you about fasting? So, let’s begin from the beginning. Read More »

I’ve got so so so much to say, and instead i just keep spewing the same old truth-not-truth gibberish! Why?

But, seriously people, this is our 200th post! How come, huh? In guise of ‘celebration’ let’s go for gossip! Read More »