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Hoje estamos acostumados com a metáfora que é «mentir pra si mesmo» mas isso devia ser impossível!

[English version bellow the fold!] [Hay en Castellano más abajo!]

Uma mentira é uma arma feita de informação. Ou seja, uma informação que faz mal à quem a absorve. No entanto, a informação (na nossa cultura ainda tão platonista) devia ser sem inércia e administrar a informação deveria ser algo transparente. Em outras palavras, quando você tem vários dados não deveria ter que colocar sentimentos bagunçados no meio, do tipo “¿Será que ela me disse isso só pra me enganar?” Se você tem uma informação que é verdade deveria ser elixir contra qualquer mentira. Portanto se existem mentiras para si mesmo muitas das premissas da nossa cultura vão por água abaixo.

Mentir pra si mesmo é impossível, obviamente.

De fato, me parece que essa é uma metáfora que aparece em Nietzsche como uma ironia, como um apontamento de quão ridículo é nosso platonismo. E no entanto a frase acaba cooptada pela cultura, talvez via Freud e sua crença de que as massas são na verdade uns cães vestidos de gente, e hoje é um lugar comum. Read More »


You called me “Dono da Verdade”, brazilian portuguese expression for someone who can’t accept anyone else to be right. Well, i am. You are, too. “Truth” is a simplistic word for personal perspective, so being a person entails having your own truth.

That i’m straightforward about it is not a problem. Your blindness to your own biases is no virtue either — and it might cause problems.

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A long time ago, a bunch of fellas like Kant and his fans came up with this thing called Aufklärung or Enlightenment which meant that human reason would finally make us humans mature or free or, you know, take us to rainbow-land where the trees sing and everyone is happy. This same endeavour appears in contemporary colours everywhere, in the likes of Eliezer Yudkowsky.

Now on the other side of the intellectual ocean people like Foucault went nuts over the whole thing, claiming it was a sort of dictatorial attempt at nullifying subjectivity. Since mostly i sit firmly in this side of the fence, being a silly fanboy of Derrida, i usually sound very derisive of the first bunch, but as of now i’d like to try and make amends.

Reason got conflated with a very specific (and somewhat misguided) shade of science, that was indeed a little hasty. But maybe instead of this “reason” we could just have lucidity. Read More »

Sometimes it seems that to abandon a given idea is like to abandon your very being. One of the ideas most commonly taken this way is Truth — and this is why some people still want truth in some form even if they agree to all the arguments against truth itself. This is why a commenter some time ago quipped me that “giving up truth is giving up”. But exactly that we are so reluctant to give up a given idea shows that it is a blind spot, something we can’t really analyse, something we (somewhat literally) can’t take in a distanced perspective.

To illustrate this thought, i’ve chosen to use the idea that the human being is the top of all creation, that humans are better than anything else anywhere. And i am choosing this idea exactly because i think it is very completely bogus, so much so that i believe it will be hard to find someone who still believes in this. If i’m wrong, and you are really positive Human-Being is the Ultimate, rest assured the exact same point could be made with any idea you previously held very dearly but ended up discovering it was simply bogus. Read More »