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So this is the last part of a trilogy about Militant-Atheism. Previously, we tried to show that a variation over scholastic and deistic beliefs generates contemporary Atheism. In this sense, Atheism is a kind of Catholicism.

Of course, the exact same path can be walked backwards, so we have knowledge of god as just another kind of knowledge, as amenable to scientific inquiry as any.

I fear both stances loose the most important. Read More »


I’ve been hearing repeatedly from girls that the foremost demand society makes on them is beauty. But i think this is a huge mistake. They are not expected to be beautiful, but to make themselves beautiful, which means that the actual beauty is unimportant, as long as they conform to the character. Read More »

The world is a mess. To say that something has to be done is naive and misleading. And still we should think about this predicament, we should be interested in it.

Everything is always falling. The world has always been failing. The nations are always dying and the empires are always ending. If you care to think for an instant that (and how) our society is but a flicker of self-righteousness amidst the flow of history, it’ll give you a new perspective — maybe even new ideas. The risk is you’ll also see that there are paths still open, there are ways we still have to go, and then… Will you be confused? Read More »

It’s become common complaint that people have become too individualistic, that even next-door neighbours don’t give good morning to each other anymore. So much so you can even get bad looks for disagreeing. In fact it is seen as positively evil to disagree. But it’s bullshit.

This is not at all about individualism. It’s not that people don’t like to talk to each other, it’s simply that they are not forced to. In fact, most people don’t like other people, even in your archetypical small town. But in big cities the infrastructure protects them from one another, so that they are free to not have a relation and still not incurr attacks (subtle and not) from it.
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