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Capitalism, being made of large corporations, tends to have lots of systems, because systems diminish the cost of communication between groups of people, which corporations are. But that is not to say that capitalism likes systems or needs them nor has a systemic nature. Just like Wall St buildings are made of brick and mortar, but bricks are not capitalist per se.

But there in a nasty property of Capitalism (or Corporatism) that could be confused with a system, and that i believe should be avoided, but that will probably not be if we confuse it with”system”: Sameness.
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I’ve been accused of not having understood “The Matrix”, for that was the only possible way one could prefer the second movie over the first. But, frankly, that is not so.

(Let’s try NOT to mention that when i was 14 i probably already did know more about philosophy than that person who said such things will know in his life…) Read More »