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One expression of contemporary common sense is that we are all seeking comfort. It seems so obvious, in a way, but it also feels completely wrong in many other ways, and i puzzle a lot about what exactly makes this particular idea so tempting.

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Democracy can unite a nation in order to create democracy, but it can’t unite the same nation to create anything else, be it a better world, “the pursuit of happiness”, social justice or even “fairness”. That’s it’s paradox. Read More »

One month short of my deadline for the University’s final examination my mum and sis came over demanding if i was going to move to their place.

After me having lived by my own (sometimes in dire straits) through the whole university, all of a sudden everyone wants to live in Brasí­lia when i myself was already fed up with the city, and they even buy a condo. But to correctly grasp the drama of the situation i gotta tell you about this final exam.

In most of the Design BA courses in Brazil (and University of Brasí­lia is no exception) your entire academic life is supposed to be translated into a single big final assignment. It ends up being a lot of work. Most people get crazy in their final months, having time for absolutely nothing else. My case was even worse, as I actually was on two assignments (because my University had a strange “competences” thing and i went with the loco strategy of getting 2 by the price of 1 at the same time!). When this case happened, i had already been through 2 months of absolute hell, i was under-slept, overworked, underfed, caffeine-intoxicated. I was a mess. My bedroom was a mess. My computer was a mess.

And then, displaying a blindness to my personal reality that still astonishes me, they demanded that i should move over to stop paying my meagre rent.

There was nothing else to do.

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