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I do not know how this is outside Brazil, but here the political organization of students is… Well, it has been important at some specific moments in history (though i really, really disagree with the common sense about which were those moments), and it still has some relevance, but it is definitely going through a crisis. Now i believe that this crisis is the beginning of a new age for student organizations, another student politics — and i also believe that it is a small-scale experiment in the long search for better politics (and for politics that make sense in our texting world). So i am writing this text about a subject that does not interest me anymore (student organizations) to help us think about this other one (politics, in general), which i believe is extremely relevant and urgent. Read More »


The problem with politics, at least in Brazil, is definitely a terrible lack of corruption.

(Yes, i say those things just to shock, but let me rephrase…)

Politicians are supposed to exercise power but not use it for their own good. But this does not make any sense. If you have power, you should be using it to please yourself. Just as much as, if you have intelligence you should be using it to make a better living or if you have money you should buy the stuff you want. It’s, like, common sense.

The idea that politicians should somehow isolate their persons from their public role is either naive or crazy. Read More »

If a mobile phone with “privacy features” can enhance your feeling of private space, it is not true old-fashioned privacy, but instead something like e-privacy, a completely different relationship that receives it’s name out of shallow resemblance.

For example, if you disconnect all your gadgets and run away from civilization, you don’t face the same circumstance that your grand-grand-father was facing when he was out, riding his horse, in the middle of nowhere. You are not into the time-before-connections, you are simply in the same connectedness space, doing a very active, very meaningful, very conscious statement. You are overtly closing connections. You are trying to get yourself some e-privacy.

Now, e-privacy is not panacea. In fact, it is painfully obvious that it is ineffective medicine. Read More »

The problem with laws is that one can do laws against things, but not for things.

Think violence, for example. Law against violence: easy. If someone punchs someone else, sue him. Imprision him. Punch him back, whatever. Now try making a law for peace. How do you make a law about this? Give it a thought before you click »