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Tag Archives: shallowness

If you know you are going to die, and that will happen rather sooner than later, and that no matter how much you fight and strive, your impact in the world will never be too much shit, then things do not matter too much, do they? Being aware of it all is maybe a bit dangerous.

But ignorance is not bliss. Even blissful ignorants are not blissful because of their ignorance, they are blissful out of luck, and might become miserable out of bad luck in the future. The risks of awareness are other. »

I just now saw a book by the title of “amor em minúscula” (love in lowercase), from a certain Francesc Miralles, and i couldn’t help remembering Daniel‘s argument in defense of “lowercase truth“. Is it too anal to see a pattern there? For what it counts, please get me rid of anything in lowercase!! Read More »

It’s all over the place. Deceptively simple. Conspicuously pragmatic. At once hopeful and realistic. “Think global act local”. It even sounds good. But are we accepting it too easily? »

Ah! Ça ne serait pas mal, ah mon dieu
Si j’étais, c’est faux, je sais
entretenue par le monde
L’Ethiopie c’est ainsi
Le Subaquistan c’est ainsi… (by Pato Fu)

People are always worrying so much about surviving that they can’t see the basic fact of survival: we get it for free! Read More »