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sexy não é quando tudo na pessoa gira em torno de sexo.

sexy é quando a pessoa entendeu o seu comentário mirabolante sobre a influência da mídia na política transcontinental contemporânea e ela não precisou parar de pensar em sexo pra isso.


sexy is not a person in who everything is about sex.

sexy is the person that groked your queer commentary about the impact of media in transcontinental contemporary culture without ever having to stop thinking about sex to do so.

Match finding in a party is largely decided by pheromone compatibility, and pheromone compatibility is in turn strongly correlated to immunity allele collection. And this should be good news, because the person you tend to want is one with different alleles from yours who therefore should like you too! But there are disclaimers to this… »

In the long process of evolution that lead to us humans (amongst many many other things), life’s organic goo has developed many violence-delivering tools. One of the most revolutionary was the dick. Here i am using dick in a somewhat generic form, you can swap it with vagina. I mean the sexual organs, or actually the act of sex. But the new kid in town is the Brain. Read More »