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The single most constant complaint i heard about politics is that people are apathetic. The idea being that people do not get involved enough, that they do not fight enough for politics. That they don’t care. Supposedly, if everyone was fighting for some political goals everyone would be happy. But they wouldn’t. Without apathy you don’t get good politics, without apathy you get lobbying.

I suppose, or at least i hope, that we could find a better way to manage politics, such that lobbying wasn’t the best you can get. Read More »


§ The minute you accept the burden of thinking for the other — like when you try to nudge the stupid girl over at the real-state office into being just that little bit more clever — you are accepting representation (which is the root of all evils).

§ Being very intelligent is usually troublesome. The people who live with someone very intelligent, on the other hand, tend to reap ample benefits.

§ To have something means being able and willing to kill anyone who trespasses. Do you really think you own anything? And could you owm a person?

§ The power of evil is vastly overhyped, it’s myth survives mosty to appease the naive and shallow ethically-centered (read: excessively influenced by reward-punishment tutoring) self-images of a few men in power, who would prefer to maintain such foolishness to accepting their good fortunes to be, mostly, chance events.

I do not know how this is outside Brazil, but here the political organization of students is… Well, it has been important at some specific moments in history (though i really, really disagree with the common sense about which were those moments), and it still has some relevance, but it is definitely going through a crisis. Now i believe that this crisis is the beginning of a new age for student organizations, another student politics — and i also believe that it is a small-scale experiment in the long search for better politics (and for politics that make sense in our texting world). So i am writing this text about a subject that does not interest me anymore (student organizations) to help us think about this other one (politics, in general), which i believe is extremely relevant and urgent. Read More »

Strings in GHC-compilled Haskell require 12 bytes for each character in the string. Even C, supposedly so lean and fast, uses an inherently wasteful representation for strings. I will call all the blame for that (and surely this is an oversimplification) to something i hate not only inside processors and compilers, but also in our social structure and in all kinds of places: representation! Read More »