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In prep of tomorrow’s post, because i talk a lot about carnaval there but i don’t really know so much about carnaval, i’m literally a novice at the thing, but i felt my perspective could be really useful and i just want to say why.

Anyway. I grew up in São Paulo, which is mostly a place without carnaval. If you are from São Paulo chances are you not only dislike carnaval, you think it is gross and uncivilized. And you can keep on believing it for as long as you please. But at some point i was brought to think otherwise and so i started, and am still trying, to live more of carnaval. And it has been an amazing journey. Read More »


Three posts in three days, after a period of 10 days of silence. What happens? Or what happened during those 10 days that i had no time to post?

If you are from Brazil, you might have gessed: CARNAVAL.

I am not completely satisfied that the meaning of “Carnaval” in Brazil can be translated for “carnival”, as the former is much more than a party, much more than a holyday. It assumes defining proportions in the culture of Brazil, depending on who do you ask. Carnaval seems like days out of time.

Most foreigners do not understand it before they have come and lived it. There were foreigners at our home who did not get it at all, she said brazilians do stupid things and blame it on carnaval. The cool thing is that indeed we do, but the very fact that she stated such thing shows that she doesn’t have a clue what Carnaval is all about. Read More »

Yesterday i went to a party called “Enquanto isso na Sala de Justiça” dressed up as Too Much Coffee Man. And i did realize some things, so… on to another “CONFESSIONS” post!

First thing is, i always wanted to be funny, but i do not want to be an easy joke. Or maybe i just can’t. And anyways, even if people almost never laugh at my jokes, it just makes the few times it happens so wonderful. [If Bruna ever comes to read this, this is an open declaration of love!] Read More »