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A long time ago, a bunch of fellas like Kant and his fans came up with this thing called Aufklärung or Enlightenment which meant that human reason would finally make us humans mature or free or, you know, take us to rainbow-land where the trees sing and everyone is happy. This same endeavour appears in contemporary colours everywhere, in the likes of Eliezer Yudkowsky.

Now on the other side of the intellectual ocean people like Foucault went nuts over the whole thing, claiming it was a sort of dictatorial attempt at nullifying subjectivity. Since mostly i sit firmly in this side of the fence, being a silly fanboy of Derrida, i usually sound very derisive of the first bunch, but as of now i’d like to try and make amends.

Reason got conflated with a very specific (and somewhat misguided) shade of science, that was indeed a little hasty. But maybe instead of this “reason” we could just have lucidity. Read More »

Contemporary belief in science and reason (which should supposedly be deflationary ways of thinking, more common sense, less arcane) fails to tell us why shouldn’t barbarians be more scientific, since they didn’t have a big corpus of literature to make exegesis on. Of course, this blindness is a willing blindness, since part of the myth-of-science is this mockery that it is no myth at all.

One of the inventors of this silliness was Hesiod. Read More »

I do change my passwords fairly often. I do have a defence doctrine of sorts and, albeit i can not claim it to be sophisticated or safe, at least i gave some thought to the whole issue of information security. My belief is that it will become more and more important to do so as time goes by, and that if you don’t do it pre-emptively you are begging to learn the hard way, that is, by being a victim of an attack.

Whatever. That is not what i come to tell you today.

I want to tell you about the impression that discipline, like for example the discipline of changing passwords every n or m days, is a form of prison. From that feeling, that notion, that idea, from that comes a host of weird untenable prejudices that leave us at yet another dichotomy. Meh. Capital Meh. Read More »

Supposedly, one of the key ideas of modern/enlightenment thinking is the belief in that the human being has the power to create it’s own destiny. Hubris, they say! Ultimate hubris that lead to ultimate doom, e.g. the Atom Bomb. Oh, and also that Reason is the means to such freedom.

But i would say that in a way this whole shebang is not very different from the post-modernist attitude of making your own meaning as you go along. Or from the Christian faith that god is expressed in human form. To me it all means: Maybe i’m wrong, but i’ll just try to have things my way if i can.

Deep down, in our bowels, that’s what we are. This pull. Not perfect, but good enough. Good enough can be spelled hubris, but it is still the same thing.


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