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MIT Museum: CADR - The LISP Machine (late 1970...

MIT Museum: CADR – The LISP Machine (late 1970s) (detail) (Photo credit: Chris Devers)

A common thread through programming-philosophy (if such a beast even exists) is «worse is better». Program solutions that are worse end up being better, for reasons that, deep down, no one understands. The trope-namer is C × Lisp, where Lisp is the supposed uber-language, that can do whatever all other languages can, and still nobody uses it, while C is crap and everyone uses it. So what gives? Read More »

Some unusual suspect posted a few weeks back at (fabulous) OSnews a kind of a rant about why maybe we should mourn GeoCities. His claim is that, one way or the other, the mind state a creator has when he is pushing the raw matter around is different, more involved and in some ways more authentic than using an abstract (and arguably artificial) tool that splits the «content» from the piece itself. And, although i don’t buy it — i feel no loss for GeoCities, none whatsoever, despite having used it more than my fair share back in the day, or maybe one of the many copycats — i don’t buy it but i can’t shake the feeling that there is some… some… thing to this whole point. Read More »

Let me call your attention to two most telling articles. The first one is about bigG and it’s browser and the other one is about Adobe’s first very own release of Flash. It all sucks. Right, i said it. Read More »

Strings in GHC-compilled Haskell require 12 bytes for each character in the string. Even C, supposedly so lean and fast, uses an inherently wasteful representation for strings. I will call all the blame for that (and surely this is an oversimplification) to something i hate not only inside processors and compilers, but also in our social structure and in all kinds of places: representation! Read More »