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The young priest/wizard held the staff high. It was the first ceremony he conducted with it, after inheriting it from the old sage, and he had decorated it with fresh mongoose blood and falcon feathers. Read More »

[This comes from a very old notebook and i do not believe most of it any more, i’m posting it here anyway as to exemplify some of the roads whereby my head has come up with ideas i’m posting shortly…]

At the height of the last financial crisis it was “in” to say the moment heralded the “end of capitalism” and that this, in turn, represents the downfall of the last ideology amongst the 2 we used to have. We are supposed to be the age without options. The people without faith in big plans and big ideals, the guys who will say that business-as-usual is as-good-as-it-gets. The ones who will stop daydreaming and “just do a little better”, go fixing the problems with an ant’s strategy, bit by bit, without looking at the big picture and attempting changes where it really hurts.

I don’t buy it. I don’t buy any of it. Beginning with the stupid claim that there where only two ideologies. Read More »

As of today, it does not make a load of sense to study logics as in Greek-logics. It is too ethnocentric. It does not translate well: Even contemporary Greeks can’t take it the same way ancient Greeks did. What we can do — and should — is learn about language. We just need a contemporary way to. One i’ve came across that’s mighty fine is Schoppenhauer’s Eristik, which is language, but loaded.

So i propose we do something along the lines of an update: Eristik 2.0.

Schoppenhauer’s take on language was that it could as easily be used to defend all kinds of bullshit as to intelligent thought, and so you must learn all the dirty tricks to guard against them. I would say that in the end it is really impossible to distinguish clearly against bullshit. Language always carries a risk. It is always loaded. We can and must find the most obvious bullshit, but some of it is too close to making sense, and some of it is bullshit but useful nevertheless. Deep down, the loadedness of language, which allows it to carry bullshit, also allows it to carry meaning: Good language is loaded language.

Provided, that is, you aim it right. Read More »

I find it almost impossible to discuss anything social (as in, anything that goes an inch beyond personalistic issues) with almost everyone because almost everyone holds an assumption that i think is not only wrong, but moronic wrong. So wrong it is stupid. The assumption is that money is the source of all things.

You can phrase it anyway you like, it still goes totally against any primary grade knowledge of economics. Money is a symbol. It is useless by definition, as in if it had a use the swings in that use would render it a bad means for exchange. So money is exchange, but it is also exchange in time, something you want to trade for something else at some other time. So, to be precise, money is savings.

Again, all of the above is the most basic economics. There’s nothing complicated or advanced there, simply because i know almost no economy at all. But the above leads to the obvious conclusion that money is not a source of anything, it is only a form of storage.

A descriptive metaphor would be: Money is like batteries, but the electric charge must come from somewhere else. Read More »


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