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A new god has entered the Western Pantheon. Her name is Eris.

So, yeah, of course Eris is old-greek, so you’d say not new, but She has been reborn. Mal-2 and OKR were the midwives. But in her newborn aspect she has gained a prominent role to play.

Eris has become the Goddess of Alterity, of that which is completely different from the Ego, the absolute alien. And this is an extremely important idea-figure to contemporary thinking, one of the shakers and movers of today’s pantheon.

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Há uma recém chegada no Panteão Ocidental. O nome dela é Eris.

Tipo, Eris é parte do velho mundo grego, pode não parecer muito nova, mas houve um renascimento. As parteiras foram Mal-2 e OKR. E esse novo aspecto ganha uma importância totalmente inédita.

Eris se tornou Deusa da Alteridade, daquilo que é de todo outro, completamente diferente do Ego, o absoluto alien. E essa é uma idéia-ídolo massiva no pensamento contemporâneo.

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A few weeks ago someone posted on hacker news an (oldish) long rant by a certain Steven Dutch against the weasel wording of post-modern philosophy of science.

For a physicist, being called solipsist is tantamount to being accused of inventing his experimental results, pretty much the worst thing one could do. For anyone in the humanities, people being their object of study, and people having a strong tendency to behave in solipsist ways, disregarding solipsism out of hand is inventing experimental results. Read More »

A long time ago, a bunch of fellas like Kant and his fans came up with this thing called Aufklärung or Enlightenment which meant that human reason would finally make us humans mature or free or, you know, take us to rainbow-land where the trees sing and everyone is happy. This same endeavour appears in contemporary colours everywhere, in the likes of Eliezer Yudkowsky.

Now on the other side of the intellectual ocean people like Foucault went nuts over the whole thing, claiming it was a sort of dictatorial attempt at nullifying subjectivity. Since mostly i sit firmly in this side of the fence, being a silly fanboy of Derrida, i usually sound very derisive of the first bunch, but as of now i’d like to try and make amends.

Reason got conflated with a very specific (and somewhat misguided) shade of science, that was indeed a little hasty. But maybe instead of this “reason” we could just have lucidity. Read More »