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To go straight to the White Elephant: Google is not an advertising company. Yes, GOOG takes all of it’s money from something called AdWords, but that has as much in common with what is called an «Advertising Agency» as Apples and Lemons. This is to say, GOOG does NOT have 2 main products, search and ads, GOOG has just one product and it is search. The genius of the thing is that is converted the advertising problem into a subdomain of the search problem.

In the same vein, FaceBook as an advertising agency is doomed. But does it care? Does anyone care? Read More »

It is taken as a fact that homosexual intercourse is non-reproductive. Gays and lesbians just do not make babies. It makes sense. But… There just might be some more depth to that fact. Let me suggest a simple different take, and then a much less simple exploration of the underlying assumptions. Read More »

The process of marketing penalizes naivete. In other words, wishful thinking does not work well when your actions are subject to the kind of multi-lateral vote-with-your-wallet judgement present in a bazaar-like environment.

For example making something that is neighbourhood-friendly and expecting everyone to buy just because of that, even though it is expensive. Or Ford refusing to fancy-painting his cars because colour is not important. But this is extremely different from most of the moral fables about The Will of the Market®, which tend to equate business dynamics with a special kind of complete automatic fairness and dependability. Read More »

“Gee, Nita, what do you want to do tonight?”
“The same thing we do every night, Baraco — try to take over the world!”

Nita Little thinks contemporary dance, as it creates non-linear pluralistic forms of thinking and feeling and being, can end Capitalism. She wants to take over the world, it would seem. (Of course, her argument is way more complex than this SINGLE LINE can encompass, do i even have to say this?)

Still, in some lights, this is not so difficult to believe at all. (Of course, i do think so because i am a total fanboy, do i even have to say that?) But even then i invite you to look further!


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