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So, yes, you know, Google is yet again launching a social thing. And yes, everyone and their cats have promptly commented. What can i know? I’ll give my take anyway.

It will come as no surprise, but i’m on the naysayers camp. No, Google Plus is not the next big thing. And it will not kill FaceBook. And it misses the point. The whole of my point comes down to a disagreement with the following point by a Googler named Urs Hölzle:

In March 2010, only a month after the Buzz debacle, [he] decided to kick-start a new effort. In an e-mail […] Hölzle acknowledged that fundamental way people use the internet has changed. No longer could Google operate without making its products more personal. The social challenge required decisive and substantial response within Google. He proposed a sort of social-graph Manhattan Project[…]. His memo became known as the Urs-Quake.

Something fundamental changed about the internet. NOT. It hasn’t. Nothing changed. It is the same old web. It is the same old tool. It is only being thrown at a different set of data. People are using the net to gossip. Fact. But the net is still the net, and gossip is still gossip, and if Google becomes FaceBook, AOL wins, which is to say we are back to walled gardens even if Big G is the provider. Read More »


Well, i’ve been using twittr for a few decads now, and despite all the propaganda everyone else sent my way, it’s been very boring. No, twittr has not revolutionized my communication. No, twittr has not completely changed how i talk to the world. No, twittr didn’t help me reach thousands and millions of new readers and friends and professional contacts. Tell the truth, twittr was almost useless.

Of course, you always learn, and weirdly enough my experience with twittr kicked me into seeing a new angle, connecting some dots, at what had previously been one of the most puzzling issues i had with media: Why does TV suck so much?

For, you know, as a medium TV should be able to convey both good and bad content. But that is not how things turn out: Everything on TV sucks big.

tl;dr: Both in twittr and in television everyone is shouting (show-thing), and when everyone shouts you can’t talk. Read More »

I have actually been threatened to have a Twitter account against my will. My friends devised a plan to redirect all my FaceBook and whatever activity into Twitter so that i would finally be part of the revolution even if i keep on denying it to be a revolution at all.

I have never come in contact with my own Twitter feed, but depending on the way you look at it, that might be the best evidence that it already exists, somewhere.

Even then, i disagree. Twitter is not a revolution.

It will not come to pass, and all my friends who are wasting their time there will keep on doing it indefinitely. In other words, Twitter is a success. But that does not make it any less stupid. Read More »

Couple days ago at 10 zen monkeys there was an interview with a guy who made a funny site about Obama and got lot’s of traffic. The interviewer asks whether or not the internet having a growing place at politics is a good thing. The answer goes:

Mat Honan: I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, because it leads to us not talking to each other as we once did. I think the more that we splinter into little groups, the worse it is for society as a whole. It becomes very easy for me to forget that there are people out there who have some political opinion that’s very different than my own, because I just don’t go to those web sites. I don’t know what people are talking about on Little Green Footballs today. I don’t know if it’s still around, and if it went away — I wouldn’t know.

And what i really do not know is: was it really that different before? Read More »