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Ah, the jewel beetle, our old friend!

An Australian Jewel Beetle trying to copulate with the bottom of a beer bottle, called a Stubbie by Australians.

Beetle on bottle

In case you don’t know, in Australia there is a species of beetle whose males enjoy fscking beer bottles. Turns out the brown glass reflects light in the same way the female beetle does. The bottle is like 3 times the size of the female, but it turns out males think big=hawt, so they go crazy over the bottles, so much so that they actually die in horrendous ways trying to fsck the glassy thing. This is SCIENCE!!!

It is very easy to compare jewel beetles to Real Dolls™, but i think an even better comparison is with music, in that we feel music as if it carried true feelings and not messages about feeling. And this mistake is bigger than it seems.
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1§ Purity never brings about subtlety. Yet the unfalsifiable assumption that it does nurtures all Nature-lovers.

2§ Maybe the preponderance of cinema over painting is the existence of a clear prescription of correct ways to react to a movie.

3§ Maybe the most powerful creation of Enlightenment: Cleanlyness! This last purification of Violence, this instinct that says — everything i see and smell and feel is i, is mine, has been made by me — this instinct that wants the whole of the Circumstance‡ to be Self!

4§ Leadership is gracefully disposing of the clueless.

5§ Faith is exactly as powerfull as Language. Not one Watt more, not one Watt less.

6§ Exploring the limits of your own body (as in a circus) should be part of basic education.

7§ There should be a word for circumstance in the ontological sense [th-circumstance], for Circumstance‡ has acquired a big importance in my philosophy.