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It’s easy to think that, once you begin thinking about open relationships and gender issues and these kinds of stuff, that you become different from the “vast majority”. So for example, if i don’t want to, as usually said in Brazil, “marry on church”, meaning a traditional form of marriage, then i am the exception and not the rule.

The problem is: This is just not so. Everyone loves in a post-modern way. Read More »


Some unusual suspect posted a few weeks back at (fabulous) OSnews a kind of a rant about why maybe we should mourn GeoCities. His claim is that, one way or the other, the mind state a creator has when he is pushing the raw matter around is different, more involved and in some ways more authentic than using an abstract (and arguably artificial) tool that splits the «content» from the piece itself. And, although i don’t buy it — i feel no loss for GeoCities, none whatsoever, despite having used it more than my fair share back in the day, or maybe one of the many copycats — i don’t buy it but i can’t shake the feeling that there is some… some… thing to this whole point. Read More »

A few days ago OSNews pointed to a story in New Zealand’s PCMag about Google’s reaction to a new copyright law they are proposing over there. The response is so good i just felt like re-posting it here:

While inadequate copyright protection can reduce incentives to create, excessive copyright protection can stifle creativity, choke innovation, impoverish culture and block free and fair competition.

This brilliant snippet of lawyerism shows how the whole copyright issue is completely broken — it makes no sense at all, but we just can’t see this basic fact because we are so used to business as usual. Read More »

Festival de Curitiba is a theatre convention that happens over here, there are lots of plays for 10 days straight and i just jumped on, i just did a theatre marathon. In short:

  • What i liked the most: “O Banho”, “Arapucaia”, “Escaparate”
  • The ratio of good plays to bad plays: surprisingly high, as in few sucked
  • Total number of plays i went to: 23!!

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