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And now for the pleasure of all the boys and girls, exclusively from Truth of the Lesser Men blog, we present the second number of the most awesome TEMPORARY REFERENTIAL zine! This time (finally) both in English and Portuguese.

Temporary Referential #02 (English)

Referencial Temporário #02 (Portuguese)

It contains the posts “Happiness Overrated“, “There is only Circumstance” and “Primer for Would-Be World Changers“.

Unhappily, i missed the blog’s birthday. I did complete 4 years aprox. a week ago, on December 6th. I always confuse it with Dec 12th, for some reason, so i was planning on posting something yesterday. But yesterday was a mess, a tangle of failed plans.

Except, that is, by the podcast recording, it was just brilliant. But that is still under-wraps.

Back to the blog, though, this thing (as everything else in my life) is pretty much in an under work state. I’m planning on selecting some best posts into… i don’t know… something? There are 410 posts, which means on average i write 100 posts a year, which sounds about good. I get on average 300 hits a month.

Another weird, a little sad thing: i’ve been noticing some people repeating ideas i relied to them years ago. I gave them the idea, then they took years to process it together with everything else, and then they finally were able to accept it, or to grasp it in their own terms.

“Haven’t you ever thought of a phrase, Val, a clever thing to say, and said it, and then two weeks or a month later you hear some adult saying it to another adult, both of them strangers? Or you see it on a video or pick it up on a net?” — Orson Scott Card, Ender’s

What i want to say is that, despite the whole mess, the unrelated, the many many things i say just to be shocking, despite all that there is some purpose in all of that.

But no promises about when i’ll spurt it. It might take some time to hatch.

My head hurts. Why shall it be? Mmmm, let’s think… Oh, yeah, it might be that a guy just punched me in the ear! LOL. I know it is not funny, it’s just that… So strange. Ok, i’ll grant that i was “giving soft”, that is, it was stupid of me to be at that place at that time, my mistake. What happened was: i went over to find a decent first meal to break my 3 days fast — what? didn’t i tell you about fasting? So, let’s begin from the beginning. Read More »

And so it came to pass that the Truth of the Lesser Men was two years old. At the same time it does not seem much time, at all, and it seems like another life. Much has been done, much has been accomplished. But.

But there is so much to do still. Read More »