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One thing that, i guess, would help to understand me, (assuming anyone is trying to which is kinda arrogant but anyway), is the way i evaluate people. Because, you know, i am kinda good at the whole understanding people thing, which came as quite a surprise to me, when i realized it was the case. And of the various things i can or cannot do, this is one that does not translate easily into words, it is something that is very awkward to explain. So maybe it is not really straightforward, let me try to talk about it a little. Read More »


One week ago i was at a Rage Against the Machine gig. There were actually a lot of bands, 3 days and lots of shows. It was a big event going by the name of SWU: Starts With You.

Then again, maybe it does not. Read More »

§ Why do people prefer an empty promise to a sincere statement?

§ Morality is not inclusive by definition! Any morality is based upon contrasting [good] and [bad] — and thus excluding [bad].

§ Every judgement is an act of exclusion.

Esto le pensé en castellano, o que és muy raro.

I do, after all, still believe in design.

A friend of mine was rambling the other day about why he is getting everyday closer and closer to social sciences. He wants to pursue a Master Degree in the social sciences department. And he tells me that he is doing so because he does not believe anymore that design can change the world into a better place. He tells me that the modernists did believe in that and that their dreams have come to naught. He says me this means that design itself cannot be a tool for making a better world. As for me, i still believe in design. I think it is important for the world. And let me begin to tell why »