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My last post was accused of “trying to convince”, which i take to mean trying too hard to convince, and maybe being too argumentative. But i’ve been accused of this many times before.

That got me thinking about how we face ideas and how we fool ourselves.

And Derrida against Deleuze, obviously. Read More »


As of today, it does not make a load of sense to study logics as in Greek-logics. It is too ethnocentric. It does not translate well: Even contemporary Greeks can’t take it the same way ancient Greeks did. What we can do — and should — is learn about language. We just need a contemporary way to. One i’ve came across that’s mighty fine is Schoppenhauer’s Eristik, which is language, but loaded.

So i propose we do something along the lines of an update: Eristik 2.0.

Schoppenhauer’s take on language was that it could as easily be used to defend all kinds of bullshit as to intelligent thought, and so you must learn all the dirty tricks to guard against them. I would say that in the end it is really impossible to distinguish clearly against bullshit. Language always carries a risk. It is always loaded. We can and must find the most obvious bullshit, but some of it is too close to making sense, and some of it is bullshit but useful nevertheless. Deep down, the loadedness of language, which allows it to carry bullshit, also allows it to carry meaning: Good language is loaded language.

Provided, that is, you aim it right. Read More »

Every day write down at least one idea.

This might take many forms, it might be an blog, a notebook, you can do it on your Palm, or maybe you can write on the real palm of your hand. It isn’t even so important that your annotations survive more than a month. Read More »