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I do not have an iPod so what exactly can i talk about it anywayz, but there i am again. I want to make a rant, so…

I am guessing the real thing about the iPod is not that it is a good marketing product (in the sense of “answering a real need in consumers”) but actually an product that provokes addicted behaviour. What do i mean by that, you ask? »


My Palm has been called “big” today. But my foldable keyboard is 1.3 times the size of it. Is miniaturization the real rage now? »

I don’t really believe, but if someone out there has me on rss probably saw yesterday a “test” post. If so, my appy-polly-logies… I did it after many failed attempts of configuring a blogging proggie on my palm, at the time i was pretty much convinced it was not going to happen.

So, yes, i have got a palm. It consumes all my time, i can’t stop playing with it. Even if it made me 4x + productive, this new-toy would still count as a resource hog on account of the unending hours i spend tweaking and configuring and installing and uninstalling and reading about and searching good freewares and testing and practicing graffitti2 and…

Nevertheless, it is so much fun i probably could convince myself to buy it even if it had no use whatsoever…

But really, the Palm is a most interesting machine. At heart it is a small computer as anyone else, but it’s approach is SO interesting! Read More »

I do know everybody else understood Norberto Chaves’ discourse differently. But let me try to show my own point of view.

I am talking about the third of Chaves’ presentations at the Encuentro Latinoamericano de Diseño 2007 of the Universidad de Palermo.

He said that our society is placing consumption in the place where love should be. He also said that mostly this is because when new technologies are created they do not have social norms to regulate them. Those norms must be developed by every kind of worker that deals with culture, which includes designers. But even if i did agree with his analysis, i do not agree with the moral judgment he turns it into »