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In war, either you do or you die. Either you kill the enemy or he kills you. There is not much middle ground — maybe absence of common ground would serve well as definition of war. This is all common sense, but… Where does it lead us? More to the point, i wonder if there is some influence of this kind of thought in design issues. Read More »


Design is arbitrary. I’d like to state that as a law, in the sense of “laws of physics” — something that simply is (even if no one will fine you for disobeying).

Now let me be very specific about what i mean by arbitrary. Read More »

Mauro Pinheiro amidst a post about the deficiencies of Rio de Janeiro’s Subway signage says that:

But, as it’s becoming a trend nowadays, a recent “new management” has decided to change the Metro’s image. A new brand strategy. And, as you may imagine, they worked hard to make us believe that they were doing better than the old management. But, as a designer, I usually see beyond the brand discourse.

Well, i just can’t help but wonder whether those are not consequences of this boastful design-discourse (which i would actually call design-pep-talk, tough…) we are all so used by now? Read More »

C&H and the transparent plastic binder

The aftermath is obvious: the whole class in one single voice says to Calvin that “Bats are not Bugs!” and the grade he gets is bad enough that he prefers to bury (actually) the report.

The transparent plastic binder did not save him.

Still, it would be deceitful to deny it does save us sometimes. Even more so if you are a designer, and more than all if you are a design student.

We must understand the importance and the place of Finishing if we are to deal with appearances in a mature, complex way. Read more »