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The French Revolution was a failure.

Of course NOT, no it wasn’t a failure, not exactly, and it all depends on who you ask, and their idea of success. But, generally, no one living through the French Revolution would have given an account of what it was for anywhere near what really ended up happening. Nevertheless, it shaped the world to come, deeply, in complicated ways for sure, but arguably for the better.

I believe the recent (june 2013) protests in São Paulo and the rest of Brazil are the same.
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So i was at this hostel and some guy asked me whether he should visit Brasília but, as i was about to answer, that insufferable chick kept sneering, anyway the thing got totally derailed, but it got me to realize i gave this rant so many times it should see online publishing.

So keep the following in mind: You’ve never gone to Brasília, you saw pictures maybe, you have no idea about it’s importance as for history of architecture. Should you go there?

You sure can see big concrete buildings at many other places. And there are way too many cool trips to be had in Brazil. But.

But Brasília is a city like no other. As such, it can be both a very revealing experience and a very difficult one to understand.

Maybe the best answer is: Go if you have the right guide. Read More »

“Gee, Nita, what do you want to do tonight?”
“The same thing we do every night, Baraco — try to take over the world!”

Nita Little thinks contemporary dance, as it creates non-linear pluralistic forms of thinking and feeling and being, can end Capitalism. She wants to take over the world, it would seem. (Of course, her argument is way more complex than this SINGLE LINE can encompass, do i even have to say this?)

Still, in some lights, this is not so difficult to believe at all. (Of course, i do think so because i am a total fanboy, do i even have to say that?) But even then i invite you to look further!

Having to choose between freedom or a yoke, the untrained person will choose the yoke, every single time.

Usually, the brain will not recognize that the world is the same, with or without a restraint. It will treat the option as two different, unrelated, places. Thus the option for the yoke is the triggering of squiggle in the brain in charge of searching for caves.

Incidentally, that’s why often people will claim to believe in ideas that they continuously act in opposition to: Understanding has not kicked in, just pathfinding.

The risk of that is that every regularity can be exploited.