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Walk around in a posh mall or some place else where people use more make-up than should be reasonably healthy. Look everyone in the eye and imagine them as big bags of pus, goo and all kinds of slimy, yucky organic slime (after all, that’s what they are).

For a moment of comic relief look yourself in a mirror (those places are full of ’em) and do the same thing.


Walk in a public place looking people in the yes and force yourself to find them beautiful. Don’t allow yourself to focus on best features: Try to like peoples appearance as it is. Maybe you can use positive correlations with people who have been kind to you. Maybe you can imagine good feelings on their expressions. Whatever: Just go, look, judge and force a good opinion. Don’t spend much time in anyone, this exercise is more about quantity (the feat might be faster in crowded end-of-day buses and other places where you don’t need to see through layers and layers of make-up and professionally looking outfits.)

Our affections are built from how our loved ones react to our actions, and although every person has her unique way, you can say the aggregate reactions have a certain shape. Like even though talking about genitalia does not gross everyone, it is more likely to receive censorship than praise.

Amongst every action thus produced, there are the ones forming the «thinker» archetype, but this is a dodgy mask, for it tends to hide that thinking is an action. The very «hiding» of embodiment is an action.

To hide is a trick. Interacting with people, it gives you the upper hand if they can’t read you. It’s like throwing sand into a boxer’s eyes. But this one trick can poison other actions, like the insecure cool guy who dislikes everything just to show that he already had everything that is awesome inside.

To think, it is not demanded to lay a wall between «inside me» | «outside me». To think it is indeed demanded that you conjure the sensations your feet and hands feel. It is demanded that you hunger for understanding together with hungering for eating. It is demanded to have rhythm and reach which are deep bodily powers.

The trick of denying embodiment was folded and refolded for centuries, again and again. Its powers are distilled, but so are its risks. So have i been cut by this isolation of certain behaviours and denial of certain needs. An it is not something i can unlearn. Then i need an anti-trick, which is also an action, that reconnects this body without losing the power of this hiding.

It is certainly harder to say this than to do. And there is a part of it we can’t describe. But it begins with a listening: Besides this little voice in my head, «thinker» also has a backbone hurting a little because the chair is too darn soft, also has a certain curiosity for a certain girl would like to know more about, also has hunger and a distinct lack of disposition to go after food. My bedroom’s mess is part of my thinking, and so is the sky which has just show a hint of blue after 5 grey days. To listen to those other elements is our first little step to this trick.

Another one: Not silencing thinking. Avoid trying to control it. Don’t shut the little voice out. Let it say, and then also invite it to say about this backbone, about this bed, about this music, about this sun. Call it very close to your body, call it inside.

And then you can exercise this. A good one is the improvisation, in many forms, because when you are in that moment you feel the urgency which helps you focus. You can bungee-jump. You can talk to a girl in the street. And then think about this exercise. And then think where your thinking was at that moment, which place it was occupying. Try to feel it. Meditation (in all its flavours) are good shortcuts to it, and you can meditate about the exercises later if you feel comfortable with it.

In the end, of course, you’ll understand your thinking was already a part of you. But to see it is more important than to know it. And then again maybe this is even another way to hide my own being. Because hiding is an action. It is a trick. And thinking is an action. Repeat.

Last time i went to the sea i had this strange impression that i could actually see a faint curve in the horizon. I explained it away to myself as one of my everything-is-relative-and-look-how-bright-i-am-for-seeing-it fancies. But being at Luigi’s (who both lives at the 18th floor and has a half-meter long ruler) and being unable to sleep, it occurred to me to actually check to see what happens when you put a ruler against the horizon and the results kind of amazed me. But i am not at sea and my horizon does probably not resemble very much a “natural” earth-shape, so i am very, very curious as to what exactly happens there. So that is the exercise for today: head out to the sea with as big a transparent ruler as you can find and check out the maritime skyline. Don’t forget to tell me what you find.

The catch obviously being that, if you can actually show the horizon to be round, then those 200 years of confusion about the earth being flat or round — many times put forth as the prime example of humanity’s genius — would be naught but foolishness! I mean, why argue if you can look out and see for yourself?