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No último ano uma conversa se repetiu muitas vezes, mais ou menos assim:

Amiga: Daí eu me senti muito usada.
Eu: Bom, homens também se sentem usados às vezes.
Amiga: Quê?
Eu: Bom, se uma mulher for eskrota com um cara, o cara vai sofrer, como qualquer pessoa normal.
Amiga: Não entendo.

E aí a coisa degringola porque a mina não consegue compreender que um homem possa se sentir usado. Essa idéia simplesmente não entra na cabeça delas. Se eu insisto no assunto começa a parecer que não estamos falando a mesma língua.

Então vou tentar explicar por escrito…


One thing that, i guess, would help to understand me, (assuming anyone is trying to which is kinda arrogant but anyway), is the way i evaluate people. Because, you know, i am kinda good at the whole understanding people thing, which came as quite a surprise to me, when i realized it was the case. And of the various things i can or cannot do, this is one that does not translate easily into words, it is something that is very awkward to explain. So maybe it is not really straightforward, let me try to talk about it a little. Read More »

Violence can be both good and bad. Your gut is right now killing thousands of bacteria, this is biochemical war, it goes on all the time, and we would not be here without. Even if we would like to, we can’t but call it good. But violence can be cruelty.

Generally, people tend to like to refrain from violence. We like to be good. But refraining from violence leads to cruelty. Unavoidably. But it isn’t so easy to see the why. Read More »

If you are trying to empty a flooding titanic with a small cup of water, you will sink. If you have a linear income and your enemy has an exponential, you’re pwned. Screwed. Finito. It just won’t happen.

If you are faced with a losing battle, do not fight.

I am not advocating that anyone should just lay down and die. But try to find another battlefield where the conditions are different. If fighting means dying, turning your back and trying something crazy might actually enhance your chances.