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I do change my passwords fairly often. I do have a defence doctrine of sorts and, albeit i can not claim it to be sophisticated or safe, at least i gave some thought to the whole issue of information security. My belief is that it will become more and more important to do so as time goes by, and that if you don’t do it pre-emptively you are begging to learn the hard way, that is, by being a victim of an attack.

Whatever. That is not what i come to tell you today.

I want to tell you about the impression that discipline, like for example the discipline of changing passwords every n or m days, is a form of prison. From that feeling, that notion, that idea, from that comes a host of weird untenable prejudices that leave us at yet another dichotomy. Meh. Capital Meh. Read More »


Paz & Gorm & Oliver & some other friends are all perplexed about mathematics. They think it is huge, and so important that all philosophy should just conform itself to Maths. The problem is, while they know that any data or knowledge can at best be an approximation and a simplification and a relative truth, they mysteriously miss the relativeness of Maths. And it is a shame, too, that they are perplexed, because Maths is such a simple, solved issue.

It is easy to see how an educational system geared towards measurability of performance (and thus right vs. wrong questions) instead of creativity of approach would lead to an encroached reliance on external authority. As in: 2+2=4, not because i say so, but because the teacher ordered it so. And it is easy to see how you could transfer the teacher figure into an external, independent, larger-than-life (larger-than-reality), transcendental reality of Math.

And it is easy to see how a professional Mathematician would end up believing — even sincerely believing — a point of view that makes him the sole possessor of universal truths.

Now, even if you do think this is not the case with you, or even in general, you should accept that this undermines somehow the whole Maths is perfect stance.

Common sense has it that we are doomed for having used the earth as it was infinite. I guess the world is as good as infinite and that we should begin to use it as such rather sooner than later. Read More »

§ Epistemology is a subtopic of language theory.

§ Methodological consideration: do not assert something if you’ll need 15 minutes to qualify what you meant.

§ There is no antonymy in the world.

§ All certainties are negative — just bits of invariation we extract from the world. They are never central to existence. They are the exception, not the rule.

§ The current idea of an alien — big head, big black eyes, skinny elongated features — all could be explained by a too literal reading of a drawing of a person.