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The single most important thought model for a designer, that which he must train his brain to keep going back to, is to unfocus need and focus might.

Unhappily, that is exactly what design education seems to be trying to suppress. Read More »


Once you stop worrying about making designers feel good about themselves, it is very hard to still bother about almost everything that currently passes as «design theory». Not there aren’t issues and concerns that are theoretical and about design, there are aplenty and indeed they become more and more important and relevant in our mediated world. And now you can actually think about this stuff without trying to make it sound like design is oh so important. The disgusting part of it all is when you discover that, as soon as you start thinking about stuff that matters, designers stop paying attention — they just want to sound cool and thoughtful, but as for the “thinking” part of it, please keep it for yourself.

Esto le pensé en castellano, o que és muy raro.

I do, after all, still believe in design.

A friend of mine was rambling the other day about why he is getting everyday closer and closer to social sciences. He wants to pursue a Master Degree in the social sciences department. And he tells me that he is doing so because he does not believe anymore that design can change the world into a better place. He tells me that the modernists did believe in that and that their dreams have come to naught. He says me this means that design itself cannot be a tool for making a better world. As for me, i still believe in design. I think it is important for the world. And let me begin to tell why »