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Democracia é dessas palavras que significam muitas coisas, e talvez signifique coisas demais. A ideia mais comum seria um tipo de votocracia, um sistema de governo que se fundamenta no processo de eleições.

A definição “oficial” (digamos assim) é sensivelmente diferente, algo como sistema político em que o povo domina. Digamos então que existe essa definição específica da democracia* que é o poder da multidão (usando o asterisco para demarcar o uso particular).

O grande porém é que, quando uma multiplicidade de pessoas exerce poder, o resultado é algo muito diferente daquilo que imaginamos como administração, como política. Ainda é política, e ainda é poder, e de certa forma até é administração, mas é todas essas coisas de forma diferente, não convencional.

Dá a impressão de que democracia* não é governo.

A diferença é tão grande que chega a ser difícil perceber esse tipo de democracia*, mesmo quando ele está bem debaixo do nosso nariz. Read More »


[This comes from a very old notebook and i do not believe most of it any more, i’m posting it here anyway as to exemplify some of the roads whereby my head has come up with ideas i’m posting shortly…]

At the height of the last financial crisis it was “in” to say the moment heralded the “end of capitalism” and that this, in turn, represents the downfall of the last ideology amongst the 2 we used to have. We are supposed to be the age without options. The people without faith in big plans and big ideals, the guys who will say that business-as-usual is as-good-as-it-gets. The ones who will stop daydreaming and “just do a little better”, go fixing the problems with an ant’s strategy, bit by bit, without looking at the big picture and attempting changes where it really hurts.

I don’t buy it. I don’t buy any of it. Beginning with the stupid claim that there where only two ideologies. Read More »

The single most constant complaint i heard about politics is that people are apathetic. The idea being that people do not get involved enough, that they do not fight enough for politics. That they don’t care. Supposedly, if everyone was fighting for some political goals everyone would be happy. But they wouldn’t. Without apathy you don’t get good politics, without apathy you get lobbying.

I suppose, or at least i hope, that we could find a better way to manage politics, such that lobbying wasn’t the best you can get. Read More »

Pretensely scientific criticism of society frequently assumes the form of labeling others as “cargo cultists”. Well, even if that might sometimes strike a nerve, it can’t be denied that science itself is largelly a form of cargo cult, and that our society by and large is actually happy to be so —, as in, not only it is, but it knows it and is happy about it.

Take democracy, for example. The evidence that it does not work are abundant, but people insist that it is good just because everyone else says so. It comes from the skies (er, Europe) so it must be good. The occasional Churchill quote actually reinforces my point.

Like “pigeon superstition” (Mr. nobody allusion :-). We do stuff just to please our squandered pantheism and we get angry at anyone saying otherwise…

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