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I never knew beforehand how it would feel to lose someone close, and it has been very different to each of my beloved persons.

Y yo hé perdido mi abuela.

I just lost my Grandmother. It feels more sad than the other times, i guess in the end i cherished “The Baroness” so much more than i could even know.

Watching her lifeless body i can’t but wonder what are the strings, the links, the streams of feeling that connect us.

Us animals, us balls of meat, us material beings. And still losing my grandmother does not feel like anything else i had ever felt directly.

As a way to pay my respect: She was blessed that she could love us with such a special love.

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Today in the early morning i almost died.

No, i did not see any lights or went into a coma or anything. I had a car crash. It was very ugly, i overturned, it destroyed the car my mother loved, it almost (so close) involved another car, it could have hurt my passenger, and it even broke a signpost. Actually, i have to thank the signpost for it stopped the car from falling into a big hole besides the road.

Just so you know, i am fine. (Though now by night i am starting to feel some dim pain, but it should be all gone after a good night of sleep). Read More »

Yesterday my dad died. Then let me say something about death. Read More »