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Ah, the jewel beetle, our old friend!

An Australian Jewel Beetle trying to copulate with the bottom of a beer bottle, called a Stubbie by Australians.

Beetle on bottle

In case you don’t know, in Australia there is a species of beetle whose males enjoy fscking beer bottles. Turns out the brown glass reflects light in the same way the female beetle does. The bottle is like 3 times the size of the female, but it turns out males think big=hawt, so they go crazy over the bottles, so much so that they actually die in horrendous ways trying to fsck the glassy thing. This is SCIENCE!!!

It is very easy to compare jewel beetles to Real Dolls™, but i think an even better comparison is with music, in that we feel music as if it carried true feelings and not messages about feeling. And this mistake is bigger than it seems.
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There were a staggering variety of cultures in prehispanic America and we don’t really know enough about most of them to, say, tell them apart. Going to many Museums in 2009, one of the things was that every single time i came across a sculpture that blew my mind it was Condorhuasi. Of course every culture has it’s value and all, but one of those sculptures made today would still be awesome. Keep that in mind. Read More »

With a little more than a month heading up for carnaval, i figured maybe some people are planing on coming over to it, but it seems foreigners do not really get exactly what carnaval is, or maybe the advertising is just really misleading, or maybe i just focus too much on the culture side of it. So anyway i thought that my personal, biased, uncommon experience with carnaval could come in handy…

The first thing you must know is that carnaval is not a party. It isn’t even a lot of parties. Carnaval is a time when anything goes. That a lot of people think that in this case parties are in order is, well, predictable. Read More »

In prep of tomorrow’s post, because i talk a lot about carnaval there but i don’t really know so much about carnaval, i’m literally a novice at the thing, but i felt my perspective could be really useful and i just want to say why.

Anyway. I grew up in São Paulo, which is mostly a place without carnaval. If you are from São Paulo chances are you not only dislike carnaval, you think it is gross and uncivilized. And you can keep on believing it for as long as you please. But at some point i was brought to think otherwise and so i started, and am still trying, to live more of carnaval. And it has been an amazing journey. Read More »