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Me espanta um pouco quanta certeza todo mundo tem quando fala de política, deixem-me então turvar a clareza dessa água. Quero apenas plantar uma semente de dúvida. Eis:

É possível que a corrupção no Brasil esteja em queda, apesar de que as notícias sobre corrupção no Brasil estejam em alta.
Pode parecer que eu viajei, mas deixe-me apresentar o raciocínio.

The problem with politics, at least in Brazil, is definitely a terrible lack of corruption.

(Yes, i say those things just to shock, but let me rephrase…)

Politicians are supposed to exercise power but not use it for their own good. But this does not make any sense. If you have power, you should be using it to please yourself. Just as much as, if you have intelligence you should be using it to make a better living or if you have money you should buy the stuff you want. It’s, like, common sense.

The idea that politicians should somehow isolate their persons from their public role is either naive or crazy. Read More »

Right now (as part of the overall bit-scrubbing) i am hard-resetting my Palm. And the plan is NOT to have a backup, to force a fresh-start. And through the months my wandering musing has produced a huge amount of prototype-posts for the blog. The vast majority of them are just small tidbits that, in my insane mind, are descriptive enough to mean a whole bunch of stuff. Even though i am positively sure that almost none of them is even remotely understandable, my feeling is actually that the thoughts themselves are somehow too obvious, and that is what precludes me having the stamina of just sitting and developing each of those themes. I wish i had time enough for it. Actually, i wish i didn’t have three or four even more (at least in my opinion) brilliant thoughts than those while writing them down. One way or the other, as i am not gonna back them up, i’ll jsut dump them here. Read them at your own discretion! »

[This is for Kasper, my Norwegian friend]

If all politicians were honest, government would still suck. But people believe on the contrary.

People adjust their behaviour according to the protocol of moral values. Thus they are able to live in society.

Those moral values are defined by the needs of society and not the other way around. Example: it is bad to steal because that rule makes people jealous and greedy and thus they try harder to accumulate things, making society as a whole richer. The badness of stealing has nothing to do with respect for the next human being, or property, or merit, or any other abstract category.

Morals are surprisingly dependent on the culture the person is brought on. Almost every kind of brutality can be considered honourable and respectful depending on who you ask.

Follows that imposing a moral code in order to create social order is bound to cause more trouble than it solves. Read More »