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Se o sexo é extremamente importante para nós, macacos humanos, então desejar sexo com alguém devia ser desejar algo importante com esse alguém. Mas ao invés, o desejo sexual é tido como o mais raso dos desejos.

Se a pessoa quer só sexo com você é porquê ela não te ama.

Como se o sexo não envolvesse emoções. Como se sexo com amor não fosse o melhor tipo de sexo. Como se “se importar com alguém” e “sentir o prazer desse alguém” não fossem quase a mesma coisa.

Mas uma outra interpretação é que o sexo nos toca tão profundamente que precisamos fingir que ele é superficial pra não revelar e expôr nossas próprias naturezas secretas profundas.

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If sex is extremely important to us, human primates, then desiring sex with someone should be desiring something important. Instead, sexual desire is said to be a shallow desire.

As if sex did not involve emotions, as if caring for someone and feeling his pleasure were somehow not almost the same thing.

Another interpretation is that sex touches us so deeply that we must paint it as shallow in order not to betray our own deep secret natures. Read More »

(This is for Daria. I got your letter. I’ll also reply in paper. But this belonged here.)

Under the skin we are all the same red sh1t, but still we all pretend to be so special, we all pretend to be these beautiful snowflakes, when (if we dared to admit it) we are all just alone.

And in turn this means we all just want a hug, we just want to be loved, but since we can’t we try all sort of dumb stuff, like getting ultra-rich and super-famous and über-sexy and extra-learned, as maybe ways to be loved, and it all backfires monstrously and we get eco-catastrophe, consumerism, plastic surgery and Maffesoli.

The most precious thing in life is the fleeting, vaporous, light moment when we can see the world through the same eyes as someone else, when we are really together, when we share a thin slice of meaning with another person. But the world seems made in a way to spoil and destroy this shared meaning. Read More »

Trump, Brexit and, in Brazil, Temer, make it pretty clear that the world is fscked.

But what is fscked is not Trump, Brexit, or Temer. Those are consequences, not causes. What is really fscked up is that, the way things are now, these things make a whole lot of sense. Read More »