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Outro dia no Tinder, alguém tava reclamando do baixo nível das cantadas ali, e é claro que o nível é baixíssimo, mas fiquei pensando… Não me parece uma coisa assim tão ruim que o Tinder seja baixaria. Ou melhor, me parece que a baixaria do Tinder seja resultado de pessoas ruins, mas de uma situação geopolítica em que a baixaria é a forma de comunicação menos pior disponível para pessoas normais. Read More »


Capitalism, being made of large corporations, tends to have lots of systems, because systems diminish the cost of communication between groups of people, which corporations are. But that is not to say that capitalism likes systems or needs them nor has a systemic nature. Just like Wall St buildings are made of brick and mortar, but bricks are not capitalist per se.

But there in a nasty property of Capitalism (or Corporatism) that could be confused with a system, and that i believe should be avoided, but that will probably not be if we confuse it with”system”: Sameness.
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One expression of contemporary common sense is that we are all seeking comfort. It seems so obvious, in a way, but it also feels completely wrong in many other ways, and i puzzle a lot about what exactly makes this particular idea so tempting.

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A few weeks ago i stumbled upon Scott Aaronson’s post called “The Toaster-enhanced Turing Machine”. As you might guess from my title, i misunderstood what it meant. But, actually, i really liked the thing i understood instead, so i’ll post my own version. Which is:

A Turing-machine enhanced toaster is just a Turing-machine.

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