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Well, i’ve been using twittr for a few decads now, and despite all the propaganda everyone else sent my way, it’s been very boring. No, twittr has not revolutionized my communication. No, twittr has not completely changed how i talk to the world. No, twittr didn’t help me reach thousands and millions of new readers and friends and professional contacts. Tell the truth, twittr was almost useless.

Of course, you always learn, and weirdly enough my experience with twittr kicked me into seeing a new angle, connecting some dots, at what had previously been one of the most puzzling issues i had with media: Why does TV suck so much?

For, you know, as a medium TV should be able to convey both good and bad content. But that is not how things turn out: Everything on TV sucks big.

tl;dr: Both in twittr and in television everyone is shouting (show-thing), and when everyone shouts you can’t talk. Read More »


When i say

Trezentos e setenta e quatro mais setecentos e noventa e oito é igual a mil cento e setenta e dois.

(brazilian portuguese for 374+789=1172) do i cause it to become true? Do i magically create this fact by uttering the phrase? I guess most everyone would have a gut feeling that no. That the calculation has nothing to do with the way i speak or the characters i use to write it down. But if we can refrain our guts from interfering we might just as well see this hypothesis as more promising than it at first seems.

Newspaper saying "Gravity Revoked", people falling into air

Obviously, i do not think that saying 2+2=4 magically makes it come into being. If i said “Gravity doesn’t exist” that wouldn’t cause things to start floating around. But i don’t think the (seemingly) opposed proposition is any better. Namely, that ideas don’t need anyone to think them. That 2+2=4 is «independent reality».

To accept that 374+789=1172 is part of reality, that it exists independently of someone who says it, seems innocent enough, safe enough. It is problematic, though, in that it does not explain why some ideas are more powerful than others, or why some people can «see the truth» and others can’t — and for that i have this nagging suspicion it leads to atrocity. Read More »

I just realized i have been wasting my time. I have spent the longest while discussing whether or not there is truth, for i do believe there is not, but i also believe to have consistently established that communication is impossible. Therefore, even if there is truth, or even something alike enough to it do deserve the name, it will be impossible to convey to your fellow human beings, thus making it impossible to test or actually do anything in regard to it, which in effect renders the question of the existence of truth moot.

And here ends the THERE IS NO TRUTH series.

To the northe of the great city of Inpherensse, almost touched by the shadows of the highest towers in our Majesty’s fortress, the glorious Guh-Ran-Mar, and protected by royal edict, there lies a hill which is inhabited by the most outlandish and byzarre of the wyld symbols. Strange tales have been told about such lands, but it is not a very… ah… safe place to be, at least for someone who still aspires to syntactical correction. But if your highness would allow me, i could guide a small voyage through the place. Just follow me and we will provide some mount for your coterie… »