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Everything that you see and hear and perceive, during your day (i’m guessing some would call it cognitive load) is not much different if you are in San Pablo or in Cocalzinho. there are just so many minutes in a day, and so many photoreceptors in an eye. But in San Pablo you get the impression you saw more. How come? And: is that why San Pablo is so tiresome? Read More »

What is important to you?

Reality, or life, or the world, that which you experience by whatever name you chose to give, reality is mostly uniform. But there are some spots where you can find leverage. Like a door: you can squish it at many places and nothing will happen, but if you squish at the door handle it opens. We use to call “important” the handles in our life

If you need further evidence that the mind does not know the mind, consider the following. Sometimes i wanna fart, sometimes i wanna shit, and i almost always know which is which. But if i pay attention, the sensation is exactly the same. There’s nothing different about the two stimuli, but even then i still know the difference. My mind is not transparent to myself.

The (misguided) comparisons between brain and computer usually begin by stating that the brain is massively parallel, working into multiple threads of thought at the same time.

But it just isn’t.

The brain is not a massively parallel processor. It does not process more than one symbol-chain at the same time. The brain deals with only one thing at a time, and it can’t even vary this one thing: the brain is always dealing with the person’s immediate circumstance. Read More »