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Supposedly, men are dicks and they are promiscuous, they want to fuck as much women as they can, and women are monogamous, they want one faithful partner. Of course, that is just the ideology and the way things work has nothing to do with it.

As things go, the very opposite might make more sense. I know you think this is nonsense, but i’ve got a very good explanation!


It might be that male and female humans suffer different selection pressures and therefore they have different “natures” or tendencies or whatever. It might be. On the other hand, it seems that of all the selection pressures that human beings are subjected to, the strongest by a long long margin is selection to adaptability. That means: much more important for me as part of an Homo sapiens sapiens lineage than being strong or fast or resistant to cold or warmth or being smart or anything else for that matter, more important than any of those things is that i am able to adapt to whatever conditions i happen to be thrown at. If this is so, even if males and females are subjected to different selection pressures, in the end those differences will amount to much less than the adaptability of individuals, which include the adaptability do different “gender roles”. That is, even if there are “natural” gender dispositions they are weaker than the human capacity to act in ways different than those conjectural basic behaviour modes.

Females biologically do invest more in each child than males. That is, they have to carry the offspring inside their body, eat for two, and all that chore. Exactly for that reason, a female is under selective pressure to be polygamous.

The right word is actually polyandrous, and i’ll get to that. But let me say that, yes, i know most everyone thinks it is the other way around.

Also, this is a reaction to “The Red Queen: sex and the evolution of human nature“, a book by Matt Ridley. Read More »

Right now (as part of the overall bit-scrubbing) i am hard-resetting my Palm. And the plan is NOT to have a backup, to force a fresh-start. And through the months my wandering musing has produced a huge amount of prototype-posts for the blog. The vast majority of them are just small tidbits that, in my insane mind, are descriptive enough to mean a whole bunch of stuff. Even though i am positively sure that almost none of them is even remotely understandable, my feeling is actually that the thoughts themselves are somehow too obvious, and that is what precludes me having the stamina of just sitting and developing each of those themes. I wish i had time enough for it. Actually, i wish i didn’t have three or four even more (at least in my opinion) brilliant thoughts than those while writing them down. One way or the other, as i am not gonna back them up, i’ll jsut dump them here. Read them at your own discretion! »