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Tenho ouvido de algumas garotas que o que a sociedade mais exige delas é a beleza. Mas acho que é um engano isso. Não se espera delas que sejam bonitas, mas que se façam bonitas. Ou seja, a beleza não é importante, mas sim que elas se conformem ao estereótipo. Read More »


I’ve been hearing repeatedly from girls that the foremost demand society makes on them is beauty. But i think this is a huge mistake. They are not expected to be beautiful, but to make themselves beautiful, which means that the actual beauty is unimportant, as long as they conform to the character. Read More »

Walk around in a posh mall or some place else where people use more make-up than should be reasonably healthy. Look everyone in the eye and imagine them as big bags of pus, goo and all kinds of slimy, yucky organic slime (after all, that’s what they are).

For a moment of comic relief look yourself in a mirror (those places are full of ’em) and do the same thing.

Walk in a public place looking people in the yes and force yourself to find them beautiful. Don’t allow yourself to focus on best features: Try to like peoples appearance as it is. Maybe you can use positive correlations with people who have been kind to you. Maybe you can imagine good feelings on their expressions. Whatever: Just go, look, judge and force a good opinion. Don’t spend much time in anyone, this exercise is more about quantity (the feat might be faster in crowded end-of-day buses and other places where you don’t need to see through layers and layers of make-up and professionally looking outfits.)