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I hereby present a theory (actually, an hypothesis). Human beings can only acquire central political roles in society after around 60 years age. They may be successful or famous, but they become part of the backbone of society, and they opinions acquire real weight, only after 60. Thus the few persons who do have a chance, however small, of being placed in such roles tend to sharpen their skills constantly up to around their late 50s. At that age it becomes clear whether or not they will be there, and if that turns up to not be the case, they start to get complacent and frivolous. Thus the manager who used to read lots of complicated books suddenly turns her “diet” to Harry Potter and bestsellers only, the guy who used to have his own ideas suddenly starts to quote more and more and more. Obviously there are exceptions to this sad softening and shallowing at 60: those exceptions (which are the real leaders), i gues they develop an even more interesting and deep intellectual life — about that, maybe just maybe, if you return here in 31 years i might tell something about.


I will not compromise.

A very beautiful motto, but i never believed in it’s wisdom. In fact, i have always admired more Galileo for recanting than any kind of martyrdom. I believe that being able to negotiate even your principles is much more important than the purity of them, if for no other reason that there are no guarantees of perfectibility of any principle whatsoever.

But in the last six months i have been for the most part refusing to compromise. Everyone says me i should get a job, and i could get a job, it would be easy and to tell the truth i have more than once been offered one. People tell me i should get a home, and likewise i have done it time and again and do it now would not be a problem. People tell me i should get a life, and i simply do not do it.

And, when asked why, i have no answer but “it wouldn’t be the right job/home/life”. In other words, it seems like i am refusing to compromise. But i do not think so. Read More »