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My name is marcio rocha pereira. Yes, i do like it in lowercase and without the last surname, and definitely without the diacritic on /ma/. And recently i have become fond of using once again my early-childhood nickname: baraco.

I’m a Libra with Sagittarius ascendant and Aquarius moon, who lacks a clear allegiance to any one ideology or school, being constantly plagued by a need to question and analyse everything, and unafraid of having different thoughts and opinions.

I was born few days short of 1980. I did live in many different places in Brazil, so much so that i don’t think of myself as ∈ anywhere. It was something like that: BH → Brasília → São Paulo → Goiânia → Brasília again → Curitiba (and now living on my own). And i do have many friends in many places, also. At least i do like to think so.

In school i’ve gone through mechanics and design. Other interests include anthropology, culture studies, philosophy, computers and media, programming, language and semiotics. Influences include Frank Herbert, Nietzsche, Derridá, Umberto Eco and Alvin Toffler.

My rather scattered web-presence encompasses a fotolog for random rants, a orkut profile, a for my music tastes, a flickr photo collection, links on furl, and a selection of what i’ve been reading online at google reader.

And, obviously, you can read the occasional ego-tripper posts



  1. Marcio
    I think our blog is wonderful… You’re wrong when you say your english isn’t that good… It’s simple, clear and amazingly fresh… I’m so glad I bumped into your blog… :)
    do visit mine sometime… :)

  2. Your English is superior to that of many native speakers. Trust me on that one!

  3. Geez, thanks about the compliments on my English, i really appreciate it, but you should see the terror when the spell checker is not working hahahahaha. No, but seriously, i know enough English to feel when some thoughts really really beg to go Portuguese, and trust me it occurs fairly often;-)

  4. Love it Marcio, thank you so much for sharing it with me, and that day in Santiago :)


  5. Oi marcio da uma olhada no meu blog de design e meio ambiente, cheguei aqui pelo cuducos.


    • Evandro R Perotto
    • Posted 2011, 200/365, Wednesday at ~21
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    Não é uma surpresa ver este seu blog. Quem te conhece sabe que isso seria bem característico de sua postura inquieta. Gostei muito do blog! Excelente iniciativa. De vez em quando eu vou passar para ler e comentar algumas coisas também.
    Grande abraço,

  6. you’re not alone… you’re not just a wandering soul…

  7. best explanation I have seen for ‘cata-corno google’ – what a pleasure to find this blog, yes

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