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Part of the problem with “Identity Politics” is that its proponents treat it as if everyone had to necessarily care about the issues they like.

Mike Rugnetta of PBS Idea Channel puts it in a very easy to criticise way:

If a piece of media involves people, who necessarily possess identities, even if they’re fictional, then it has Identity Politics.

Saying that people “necessarily possess identities” is kind of weasel-wording, i’d like to go a little into how exactly it is misleading. Read More »

The other day i saw again the most beautiful woman in the world, after quite many years, and she was wearing Louboutins. I am so glad that she kept herself beautiful! At some point i actually said she was the most beautiful woman in the world and she was curious. I was just an admirer-from-afar and had no intention to make any approach, but i guess the very statement is an approach anyway, and this kinda sux couse, like, you can’t compliment people for free, you have to carry the burden of the assumed further intentions even if none exist, and gentle compliments are so soothing for the soul!, but anyways, what i meant to say is that i have to live with this terrible piece of information: i had a chance with the most beautiful woman in the world and i missed it.
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“Wow, you really look a lot like the late ‘super minister’. A lot.”

“Funny. Most people in this village have no idea who you’re talking about.”

“But you do?”

“I suppose.”

“Wait. You are not him, are you?”
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It is said that Brazil was Keynesian before Keynes, it seems our vanguardism is still going: I propose we’ve been Trumpist before Trump.

There were certainly a series of predecessors to Trump, which either means the world had been slowly preparing itself or the USA are not really a starter of things anymore (which actually is close to what Trump says). That blonde bozo in the UKIP looks like Trump’s clone. Under a certain light, even the Arab Spring could be seen as dissatisfaction with politics as usual. And later, when an Arab Spring lookalike happened in 2013, Dilma was completely flabergasted. But still she was a politician pretending to not do politics, and therefore it might be instructive to study her fate, if you want to guess how bad the world will go for the next few years — and if you want to understand what is post-truth!

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