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Truth of the Lesser Men is a collection of ideas and short essays by a young male Brazilian named marcio baraco rocha pereira, in a not-so-fluent English.

I fancy myself a thinker. At least, a contemporary philosopher-of-sorts, and a critic of the world’s issues and values. And this blog was meant as just a scrapbook, a collection of blurbs and whatever did come to pass through my head, it was not too serious an exercise. I was just going to apply this idea of mine that having ideas was something you can turn into an habit.

Actually having a place to talk about, well, let’s say “philosophy” but actually everything and the kitchen sink, this actually helped me to focus on my various other projects: as i was talking abstract arcane very complex ideas here i could talk just design when writing about design, just relationships while writing about relationships and so on.

And, before i did notice, the “Lesser Truth” became a major part of my life. I was directing a lot of energy to this thing. Much more, in fact, than you would expect from the meagre amount of traffic and comments i was receiving (though this has improved). Finally, as my other web-spaces became abandoned i decided to base all my zines and everything else here.

English is not my native language, and sometimes awkward phrasings occur. I’ve been said that my English actually does not suck, but believe me without a spell-checker (gratia plena for Firefox2 3!) there would be lots of misspellings and even with it there will be inconsistencies, and any corrections and advices are welcome. The choice of writing in English nevertheless is a personal challenge and also a search for broader audiences.

There is already a lot of stuff here, and if you want to know more, you can take a look at the guide to the blog, where i have tried to provide a sense of direction to the mess. But, really, you could just drift around.

Despite the author also being a designer, the blog theme is a default one. This is due to a lack of money to pay for the CSS-extension of, which would allow the customization of the looks. This will be changed as possible, and donations are certainly welcome ;-)

Anyways, you can reach me through email: m a r c i o r p s @ g m a i l

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