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Well, i write a lot. Or, at least, i write more than most people. And that means this blog is a big mess. I fear it might be a bit daunting at first. So let me try to help — no guarantees, but let’s hope for the best!

First, if you want to read just one thing — and not a big one at that — please let me shout out to you!

If you have a bit more time, i made a personal selection of my favourite posts, it runs around 20 of them by now…

Besides that, maybe you can dig through the categories or “themes” of the blog: they are meant to be “sub-blogs”, supposed to work alone. If you like “design” but do not care a lot about “politics“, or maybe you’re into “language“, or who knows you like what i write about “personal relationships“, you should be able to read only that category. I even conceive that someone might want the ego-trip that i put away in “confessions“… {The problem is, i do not know (yet) how to make RSS feeds of only one category. Guess maybe i have to take it out of…}

Now the tags are meant to be small (and not so small) collections of posts dealing with specific issues. I make tags more or less on the whim of the moment, they should be a kind of messy on purpose. Now the tags i write in upper case are like series, posts that work together (like if by themselves they where not already too long ;-). Amongst them, i shall point:

  • IN WHICH i try to make an outline of my own beliefs
  • APHORISMS are all soundbites
  • HAPPINESS that talks about what is important to people
  • BACTERIA are my musings about our basic organic condition
  • GENDER covers social roles and expectations and all this prejudice we throw at our own bodies
  • OUR DAY AND TIMES tries to investigate this modern bewildering strange world all around us
  • COMPUTERS deals with those nifty magical machines that do what used to be only possible to minds

And besides all that, at the bottom of the page there should be a big assortment of links, including the most viewed posts, a date-oriented drop box, and a search thing.


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