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written in english, supposed to have a British accent but probably sounding very fake

Anyone who lived through the 80s in Brazil has a bitter memory of hyperinflation, when prices changed every week.

The amount of money back then was a kind of fiction, a convention. At first glance, you’d think we had lots of money, because the amounts were measured by such huge numbers. 10’000 was change. Everyone was a millionaire then, because a million was the price of a meal. The number was meaningless, as it would change soon. 2 did not really mean 1 + 1, it was just a name.

That made me think about how should we measure the size of a bribe. Read More »

Assisti recentemente um vídeo (anexado no final) sobre o “Protagonist Throw”, ou seja uma trope em que o malvadão agarra o herói pelo pescoço, tira ele do chão, e atira ele pro outro lado do lugar. A teoria do vídeo é que isso se tornou uma muleta que maus escritores usam pra disfarçar enredos ruins.

Eu meio que concordo, mas acho que o buraco é mais embaixo.

Me parece que não se fazem mais bons filmes de aventura porque os escritores contemporâneos são todos uns criadões de vó criados no leite de pera que nunca tiveram uma aventura na vida e por isso são incapazes de escrever uma história de aventura. Ou mais precisamente, são pessoas que conhecem muitas histórias de aventura e poucas aventuras, portanto prestam mais atenção na história enquanto obra do que enquanto uma possibilidade de ação. Read More »

My last post was accused of “trying to convince”, which i take to mean trying too hard to convince, and maybe being too argumentative. But i’ve been accused of this many times before.

That got me thinking about how we face ideas and how we fool ourselves.

And Derrida against Deleuze, obviously. Read More »

If sex is extremely important to us, human primates, then desiring sex with someone should be desiring something important. Instead, sexual desire is said to be a shallow desire.

As if sex did not involve emotions, as if caring for someone and feeling his pleasure were somehow not almost the same thing.

Another interpretation is that sex touches us so deeply that we must paint it as shallow in order not to betray our own deep secret natures. Read More »