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written in english, supposed to have a British accent but probably sounding very fake

What really bothers me about Last Jedi is that it is a meta-discourse without a discourse to back it.

So, there is all that talk that Rian Johnson is proposing that we kill the past to live the future, but the problem is that he is talking about killing the past of the franchise to give it a future, but he is not talking about real people killing their pasts.

When Kylo says he killed Han Solo so that the past would stop haunting him, it is not someone talking about his father, it is just business. More precisely, it is a character whose only purpose is to be this metaphor. It is a statement without soul.

When Han Solo sprouted gibberish in Last Hope about how fast the Falcon was, this was a reflection of Lucas’ past life as a car racer. I have no idea whether Johnson ever raced horses, but his stables do not ring true. Not that they have to be literal, but there’s gotta be some life there.

Rian Johnson’s movie sounds as a movie about movies, and not in a good way. Pulp Fiction is a movie about movies, but there was passion there, pain, desire, true romance. Last Jedi is very smart, but sounds like someone never set foot outside the studio.

Rogue One actually did kill the past. It did dare to be a Star Wars movie without Star Wars formulas, and it was great. It had a point, it had a point of view. Without self-congratulation. Rogue One actually did all that Last Jedi talks about doing and doesn’t do. You do not have to be meta to make sense, and if you go into meta, well you have to be really careful to not say bullshit.

And that is, basically, the problem. Last Jedi goes on and on and on about “I can say whatever I want to say” but, actually, it does not have anything to say at all.


A new god has entered the Western Pantheon. Her name is Eris.

So, yeah, of course Eris is old-greek, so you’d say not new, but She has been reborn. Mal-2 and OKR were the midwives. But in her newborn aspect she has gained a prominent role to play.

Eris has become the Goddess of Alterity, of that which is completely different from the Ego, the absolute alien. And this is an extremely important idea-figure to contemporary thinking, one of the shakers and movers of today’s pantheon.

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There is an experiment called Prisoner’s Dilemma Game, and if you have to learn one thing form it, this is:

Absurd situations lead to absurd behaviour.

Explanation: The game is one interaction between two players that choose either «cooperate» or «exploit». Both cooperate, both win big. Both exploit, both are screwed. But if just one exploits, he wins big and the guy gets even more screwed. It is a dilemma because you always want cooperate-cooperate, but if you know the other guy is exploiting, you’re better off exploiting too, but if you know he is cooperating, you are also better off exploiting, so you always get the worst outcome possible.

But another, different take on the thing, is that some situations are just outright completely screwed. There are some games that are unwinnable. If you put someone in a game like this, you have no idea what he will do.

The Wire has a tremendous scene where the bad boys at school get rounded up and put on a room just for themselves, and a teacher and a psych try to get to them. And the kids just don’t say anything. When they do speak it is just to comply to the expectation of speech, but there is no meaning. It is scary.


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The many forms of political correctness war going on around the world right now seem to have something in common. They speak to our sense of what is sacred. But this sense drives our conservative tendencies, not our progressive ones. That is to say: The Social Justice Warriors are right-wing people that believe themselves to be left-wing.

You are only a vegan because you want to be a conservative but you don’t have the guts to do it. Read More »