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We’ve met the enemy and we are it.

we have met the enemy and he is us

One happy hypothesis: We are the feminazis and the nazis. We are the Inquisition burning witches at the stake, we are the Romans feeding Christian to the lions. We are the trolls. We are the bad guys.

We feel that we are good. Maybe we even feel we are the first ones to be really good. We feel that we are good but instead we are the thing we hate de most.

Maybe it isn’t even that surprising, the things you deny and burry always come back to haunt you. But what are the details of this particular case?

Imagine a 2001 kind of ape village. The apes are used to fighting over stupid stuff. When things get nasty some noses get broken. Imagine you give them a bunch of swords. Now when there is a fight apes get killed. So, in a few years, they come up with all sorts of rituals and social mechanisms to avoid conflicts escalating to actual fights. These rituals become a kind of proto-justice system. But then some decades go by and all the swords rust and crumble to dust. The reason for the system doesn’t exist anymore.

So, what happens?

One would like to believe that the society just comes back to normal, to what it was before. But the rituals have a tendency to continue regardless of their historical reason disappearing. They morph into something different. In this case, we should predict the rituals grow and grow, since the risk of violence that kept them in check is not present anymore.

My point, of course, is that the Social Justice War might have a negative explanation, instead of a positive one. That is, Political Correctness might be not something that was added to the mix, but a side effect of things that are missing.

So maybe the right question is not ¿what is the point? of all the moral indignation. Instead, we should question what is the context? How exactly does our world and society gets clogged into this over-triggering of moral issues?

Today we have a heightened sense of righteousness. Small things can cause very big responses. Just like in Allergy the body’s immune system explodes causing more damage than it is preventing. The heightening of our moral senses makes us immoral.

So all these people who are fighting for a cause, in the end, end up defeating the cause they believe to defend.

The Feminazis, for example, believe they are fighting for equality, but their high level of violence makes all gender negotiation fail. Every mention of gender issues becomes a battle. Which of course means no negotiation happens, which means every change becomes painful, which means stereotypes become stronger. Because you can’t talk about gender issues, you end up having to orient yourself more and more according to prejudice and assumption. And the tragic thing is that the assumption is not a genderless equality-bearing one, as the Feminazi would want, but just the opposite. In some cases, the female gender reaps benefits, but it is always in a warlike context, which is even worse than the male-dominated 50s stereotype.

So, if want to explain the Social Justice War as a lack of something, the obvious culprit would be the current post-growth state of the world economy, where the only thing that grows is finance. And growth was almost godlike in 20th century economics. A lot of society grew around it. In its absence, the rituals we had take a life of their own, unhinged from their previous role of regulating this society.

Morality is particularly vulnerable to this. When things stop making sense, we start to desperately ascribe sense to things, and when you do that, you usually do it through morality, through good against bad ideas. This of course is meaningless, thus it becomes a vicious circle. And we become the worst of ourselves.


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