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Trump, Brexit and, in Brazil, Temer, make it pretty clear that the world is fscked.

But what is fscked is not Trump, Brexit, or Temer. Those are consequences, not causes. What is really fscked up is that, the way things are now, these things make a whole lot of sense.

Take Trump. Is he racist? Not really, he makes a show of being racist. Does he have a thin skin? Not really, he makes a show of lashing out at anything. Is he the first step towards nazism in the US? Really? Do we even have to answer that. No, just in case, no.

Trump is just another guy. Just like Bernie Sanders. And you’ll notice Sanders endorsed Hillary after she backstabbed him. It’s actually interesting that outsiders are getting more traction on the loaded game, but by and large it probably just means the game itself is becoming less important. In other words, the out-of-script things happening on the world stage probably do not mean that the villain is taking over, they probably mean no one cares about the script anymore. Though this is a bad choice of words, since Trump actually means that showbiz is becoming disproportionately important, ergo scripts. But the thing about reality shows is that, even though everything about them is fake, the social dynamic is totally true. For example, the thing where everyone is competing not to have the better job, but to avoid being fired, that is totally real. Even though what the contestants actually do is some ridiculous humiliating pantomime. And this, doing unreal stuff to compete, is totally real, too, as in Bullshit Jobs. That is why “post-truth” is ridiculous — truth is just complicated, and that Trump loves being over-the-top with his hyperboles is not revolutionary at all.

Now that people take Trump’s flamboyant style as a “new post-truth era” is worrisome, to say the least.

Because it is making a great fuss about the fact that we are making too much of a fuss about everything to actually do anything about anything.

This is a red herring. That is not what matters. What matters is something else. Not that i think anyone could say what matters, if you could it probably wouldn’t be a thorny problem anyway. What i want to point out is that the context where all those “bad” things happen is way more worrisome than the things themselves. That if you can stop going crazy about how Trump is the worst or how Brexit is stupid or that Fora Temer, if you can accept the chaos, then maybe you can better surf the weird times that are coming.

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