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One thing that is not pointed out enough when discussing Political Correctness is that it allows otherwise worthless people to feel worthy through pretending to care about some moral issue.

Criticising is then not an attempt to address some issue, it is an end in itself. It is not that those people care about a given problem, it is only that they need to be outraged about something to feel they make any difference — because they actually do not.

That is the shape of vegetarianism becoming vegan — a diet becomes a moral crusade. That is the shape of feminism becoming feminazi. That is the shape of Political Correctness strangling all the mind out of society.

The tactic of posing as victim to get advantages is certainly part of it, a cruel bizarre form of reverse bullying, but i suspect the mechanical reason of the thing is even more selfish — no more than the self-pity of people who are actually correct in despising themselves!

Case in point: Some random developer-evangelist going out of her way to make absurd and clueless complaints about Crockford, someone with an arduino hobby who thinks she is someone because she is bashing the guy who wrote the book literally. She is so idiotic (in the sense of being self-centered to the point of actually ignoring the obvious) she can’t figure out “promiscuous” is a technical term.

Of course, being factually wrong in their complaints is not a problem, it is probably even better, since it removes the boring discussion and talking part and leaves us only the drama. That is why you can’t actually talk to a feminazi: Their words don’t actually mean anything, it is just like a baby crying, it is just a way to demand attention.

Pathetic. And also able to destroy the world.


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